Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Level 1 certificate in specialist photography

I've chosen to study a specialist certificate in photographing people. The certificate consists of three units, two mandatory, and one optional. The two mandatory units are: introduction to image capture of people, and introduction to presenting photo images. The optional unit I've chosen is: digital image manipulation.

Unit 105: Introduction to image capture of people.

This unit involves, the preparation and use of a camera, for the capture of images of people, and the production of those images. At the end of the unit, I'll have produced a set of six images all linked by a themes, such as, formal, informal, or candid. I will also have produced some written accounts, explaining how I captured the images.

Unit 107: Introduction to presenting photo images.

The two tasks involved in this unit are: present images, and produce a written account.
In the present image section, I'll be responsible for choosing a method of presentation, and using that method, to show a series of 6 thematically linked photographs. I can either use photos which I've already taken, or take a new set of photos for this unit. In the written account, I'll have to describe the methods I've used in the presentation of the images, and also describe a second method I could have used.

Unit 108: Digital image manipulation.

This unit also involves two tasks. Task one: Image manipulation, involves the selection and manipulation of four images, again linked by a theme. I will also need to include a copy of the unmodified images, for the purposes of comparison. Task two: is the production of a written account, detailing the modification software actions used, the quality checks I've undertaken, an explanation of how the images are related to the chosen theme, and the legal and ethical considerations involved in the capturing of the images.

In order to show the images and written accounts I'll produce, I have set up this blog, so that my tutor and fellow classmates can review my work.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Hello! If you're reading this, then I think it's fair to say you're probably a classmate of mine, so I'll not bother explaining what this is all about. Bye.