Friday, 7 January 2011

Digital Manipulation: Idea Development

The end of the course is getting sphincter tighteningly close now, so obviously the sensible thing to do is to pick something easy to do within the available time frame. Being sensible however, is not something I can ever be accused of. I have therefore decided to abandon all the manipulation ideas I've previously discussed, and go for something completely different. Whilst doing research for the manipulation part of the course I was looking through the list of artists Marie gave us, and one's work in particular caught my eye...Faye Heller!

Heller specialises in producing photo montages:

Swiss, By Faye Heller

She often uses architectural straight lines, such as the modernist/brutalist architecture of the building above, or a staircase (below), as a counterpoint to the organic lines of the female form.

Start Of Fiction, By Faye Heller

To produce her montages Heller often takes photographs from her own archive, she then separates the photographs in to segments, which she lays out in various ways before settling on the final configuration. Once she's created a montage she likes, she then photographs the resulting picture to create the final image. It's a tad easier for me to produce my images. All I'll have to do is use the marquee selection tool in photoshop to highlight the sections of the photographs I want to use, then separate them using either the cut, or copy command, before placing them in to the new picture with the paste command. I'll then be able to fine tune the position and size of the selection with the move tool and the transform options.

I'm not sure yet whether my images will be colour photographs or black and white, but if I do decide to go with the B&W option it will just be a case of desaturating the images.

I know this isn't very detailed, but I only decided to do this a few hours ago, so I'll update this post as more information becomes available.


  1. I love this idea, I know its only just come to you but am looking forward to having a chat about it on wednesday and maybe even seeing some pics??? No pressure :) Will sort a print out of the Manipulated Image power point for know where I am if you need any advice :)

  2. Cheers Marie, I assume by "no pressure" actually mean, if you don't start producing pictures soon, I'll break your legs;)