Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Presenting Photo Images: Initial Ideas

The presentation of photographs is often merely an after thought, you concentrate so much on capturing the perfect image, that you never even contemplate what you're going to do with it afterwards...at least I don't! The thousands of photographs currently languishing on my hard disk can attest to that, so what to do with these photographs? Not having had an original thought for a long, long time, these sort of things are always a bit difficult for me, but knowing this part was coming I've given it some thought over the last few weeks. None of these ideas are particularly creative, but they're tried and tested methods, so hopefully they'll work:

  1. Diptych's, and triptych's, and hexaptych's, oh my!
  2. Photo book.
  3. The long shot???
 Diptych's, Triptych's, and Hexaptych's

This was the first idea I had, and has changed a little since it's inception. The first idea was to do three A3 prints, each with two of the six photographs on:

I like this idea, but I need to look in to the cost of the whole thing! I know Marie said the quality of the print isn't that important at this point, but I'd still like to look at how much it would be to have them professionally printed. For my own benefit, if nothing else. Should this prove ruinously expensive however, I've refined it a little, to bring the cost down. By changing to a triptych, it will hopefully be a bit cheaper:


The logical extension of this, is to produce a hexaptych. I'd then be able to have all six images on one A3 print, and therefore minimise the cost:


Obviously I don't want the cost of the photographs to be the defining characteristic of my presentation, if I decide I need to spend the money to benefit the final result, I will. whether it's two, three, or six photographs, this is definitely one of my favourite options, so I'll do another more detailed post about it soon.

Photo Book

Although I like this idea, I just don't think I'll have enough photographs to warrant a book. I need to check whether we can hand in all 16 of the three unit's required photographs in one, or if they need to be kept separate for marking. If we can hand in all sixteen pictures as a whole, then this might become a viable option.

The Long Shot

This is going to be a stretch! Basically it involves getting six of my classmates so paralytically drunk, they won't notice when I have facsimiles of my six pictures tattooed on them. Do you think it's an option? The other issue with this idea is storage, even if I picked the six smallest people in class, they're going to take up a lot of cupboard space!

Again, I realise this isn't a particularly detailed post, but I just wanted to show I'm actually doing some work! Looking at it logically, I think the two most realistic options are the large prints, and the photo book, so I'll do a couple of more detailed posts soon.

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