Monday, 10 January 2011

Unit 107: Presenting Photo Images

We've now started the third and final part of the certificate process: Unit 107. These introductions never need to be too detailed, so I'll basically give you a version of what it says on the unit sheet.

Like the previous units, 107 is split in to two parts: 1a present images and 1b written account.

1a Present Images

For this section we need to take six thematically linked images, either new ones or pictures from a previous section, and devise a way of presenting them. Whatever method of presentation we decide to use, it will be assessed in three ways:
  1. Use of techniques, materials and media.
  2. Accuracy and detail of finish.
  3. Overall visual impact
For the first part, we need to make sure whatever techniques we use to present the images, they remain consistent throughout all the images, and that they add to the overall  effectiveness of the images. The second part entails maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and finish, and again make sure there isn't anything to detract from the final result. The final part means that we have to select a method of presentation that adds to overall visual impact, whilst helping to communicate the theme.

1b Produce a written account

For this second section, we need to not only describe the method we finally chose to present our images (explaining why we settled on that method and how we went about achieving it), but we also need to describe at least one other method we could have used to present the images.

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