Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Evaluation Of Aperture Control

This was our second task and the added difficulty of choosing multiple subjects and locations, didn't really help to put me at my ease. Although I had some initial thoughts and ideas, unfortunately, the changeable weather forced me to rethink most of them.

I decided to stick with a very similar set-up, when it came to the equipment I used: my camera, the 18-135mm lens and a tripod. The only addition I made was a 60mm macro lens, for the shot of the apple. Due to the poor weather that week, I used the tripod for almost every shot. In order to get the photo of the apple I wanted, I had no choice but to use the macro lens, as my standard lens just wouldn't focus at the range I was asking it to.

The main problem with this weeks task, the weather! I had to scrap most of my original ideas, because the light just wasn't available. Even on a very high iso setting, the fast shutter speeds and narrow apertures I'd been asked to use, came out looking incredibly dark. I'm not very happy with the picture of the tennis ball. Because I had to use the on camera flash, I think it looks very flat and poorly lit. Although the forest path makes quite a good photo, I'd have liked to have found a view with more interest in the foreground.

I think overall, the other pictures came out quite well. The photo of the apple clearly illustrates how narrow the depth of field is (which was my original intention,) and rather than simply composing it with the apple in the centre of the frame, placing it to the left makes for a more interesting view. The shot which blurs the water, could have probably been composed better, but at least shows the effect a long exposure has on the subject.

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