Friday, 8 October 2010

Evaluation Of Composition Task

After all my careful consideration and planning, I set off, thinking this would be the easiest of the assignments we had been set. Sadly, when making my grand plans, I failed to check the status of my destination, and subsequently discovered that it's a private square and not the public right of way, I'd always assumed.

When selecting equipment, I had to make my choices, knowing just how busy Birmingham can be. Although I took an identical selection to the first task, (my camera, the standard lens and a tripod), I knew that I might not be able to actually use the tripod. As it turned out, I would only need the tripod for the photograph of the columns.

Of the three images, the picture of the columns, is the one I'm disappointed with. I think the overall composition of the photograph works well, but, I do think that the columns themselves are overexposed. Given more time, I'd have opted for a faster shutter speed, in an effort to create a more balanced exposure. The intervention of a security guard, however, meant I wasn't able to recompose the picture.

The picture of the flowers turned out exactly as I wanted (though this might hint at a lack of compositional awareness, rather than any inherent skill!). I wanted to separate the flowers from the general background, but still maintain the context of the garden. The use of selective focus (and the resulting narrow depth of field), achieves this efficiently and effectively. The vibrant, but not overpowering, profusion of colour, is also what I wanted to achieve. As far as the image of the statue is concerned, I'm neither pleased, nor displeased with it. Again, I think the overall composition works well, but for some reason, I don't think the image really “pops”.

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  1. I can see that im not going to have any troube getting a detailed and critical evaluation out of you! Your skills and abilties are extreemly apparent and i feel that you will go from strength to strength throughout the course.

    You already have a great amount of dicipline which is evidenced in you evaluation, planning your shoot and equipment, while also having a general idea of the final image/s you want to achieve.

    If you have taken an image that you are "neither pleased nor displeased with", then you could try shooting from a different angle or just leaving it be and shooting something completely different. There are always going to be objects etc that dont spark any interest within you, you can appreciate an image for its technical abilities without being moved by it in any way.

    You need to be blogging your initial ideas and research at this point, but apart from that your doing fantastically and i'm looking forward to seeing your work in progress and final images :)