Sunday, 3 October 2010

Light Task

For this task, we were asked to take four photographs, each at different times of the day: morning, midday, late afternoon and night-time.


This first shot was taken just after 7:00am, because this was simply a matter of recording  the light levels, I left the camera on the auto setting. The shutter speed was 1/100 of a second, and the aperture was F5.3.


This shot was taken at 13:00pm. The higher level of light required a much faster shutter speed of 1/500 of a second, so that the highlights wouldn't be blown. A similar aperture of F5.6 was used.


This photo was taken at 6:30pm. Due to the falling light levels, this photo was taken using a longer exposure of 1/80 of a second, and a wider aperture of F4.8.


I took this photo at 8:30pm. I wanted to try and capture the interesting light on the church, so switched the camera to shutter priority mode and placed it on my tripod. I set the camera for a long exposure of 3.0 seconds, but was still forced to adjust the exposure a little in photoshop. The camera set an aperture of F5.3.

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