Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Get Together

If anyone's interested, I'm trying to organise a get together before Christmas (you've probably worked that much out for yourself.) It will either be a couple of drinks, or, if people want to, we can book a table somewhere for dinner. Not being a native burtonian/burtonite/burtie, I don't really know where there is to go, but I'm open to suggestions.

I appreciate people are busy and spending more than three hours a week in my company is probably neither advisable, nor necessarily enjoyable, but a couple of people have said they'd be willing (fools!) I just thought it would be nice to socialise a bit, so if you can't make it don't worry. You never know, If she's not sick of the sight of us by the end of the week Marie might even come?

Anyone who is interested, can either leave a comment after this post, email me, or tell me in class on Wednesday. I'll also ask Marie to put this on her blog, as for some reason not everybody reads mine (why not?) I thought with Christmas fast approaching, and the prices rising, it would be better to get it organised sooner, rather than later.

Be there, or be absent...obviously!

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