Monday, 29 November 2010

Digital Manipulation: Filters

OK, we're getting there people! I've almost caught up with Marie's list.

For this section of the digital manipulation part of the course, we were asked to to use photoshop filters to modify two pictures. We would have to use the rectangular marquee tool to separate each picture in to six sections, and we would then apply a different filter to each section. After opening the images in photoshop, I went to the filters menu and selected which filters I wanted to use:

As you can see, for the first picture I decided to use some of the artistic filters. In the end I settled on the following: 

Film Grain, Poster Edges, Coloured Pencil
 Rough pastels, Plastic Wrap, Water Colour

For the second picture I decided to use four of the texture filters, and two more artistic filters.  At this point I'd love to show you another screen grab, but my laptop's decided to refuse to let me capture anymore (poor baby, I think I've been working her too hard over the last few weeks!)

Craquelure, Mosaic Tiles, Patchwork, Stained Glass
Palette Knife, Sponge.

I tried to make the squares as neat as possible by going to view-rulers, but something clearly went wrong with the fifth square.

Well, there you have it, a crash course in the use of photoshop filters. You've probably noticed some of them are more obvious than others, but they all give you an interesting effect to use on your photo's.

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